Managing your property.

Doing our job. Giving you peace of mind.

B-Gestion takes care of all the owner’s payments and obligations. We guarantee that deadlines are monitored and we collect rental payments.As for any work that may be required on your property, we will not undertake anything significant without discussing this with you beforehand.

Our website has a dedicated lettings management section which guarantees you total financial transparency. Using your password you can access your own private web page for your property.

We will give you detailed advice on how best to present your property, on the lettings process and any potential problems concerning your property. We would be happy to meet you in our offices so we can explain in detail how our rental management process works and the benefits for you.



Assessment of the
rental value

Valorization and optimization of property, assessment of the rental value.

Finding tenants

We take care of finding suitable tenants.

Drawing up the
tenancy agreement

We take care of all the necessary paperwork and draw up any documents required for your rental.

Signing the
tenancy agreement

We ensure that the tenancy agreement is properly completed, taking the owner’s requests into consideration.

Financial aspect

Our team also takes care of the financial arrangements such as the deposit, as well as setting up a regular standing order for the rental payment.

Inventory report

We produce a detailed inventory report in accordance with the owner’s wishes.

Releasing the keys

Once the inventory report has been completed and all the paperwork has been checked (evidence of payment, insurance, etc.) we will release the keys.

Point of contact
with the tenants

We handle all communication with your tenant(s) and are their only point of contact.

Monitoring maintenance

and building work If necessary, we will supervise any maintenance or building work that needs to be carried out on your property.

Accounting : service charges
and rental payments

The B-Gestion team collects your rental payments as well as any service charges. Rental payments are paid into a B-Gestion account and then transferred to the owner one month later, after our fees have been deducted.

Monitoring the lease

We also keep a careful eye on the deadlines for all the policies and contracts related to the management of your property.



Inventory report
and rental damage

One of our employees carries out a final inventory check and lists any damage that may have occurred during the tenancy. If the owner so wishes, we can take care of any refurbishment required.

Returning the deposit

Once all administrative procedures have been completed, we will release the deposit.

Checking service charges

We also ensure that all service charges have been paid to avoid any difficulties arising with the building’s management agent and/or the next tenants.

Reading the meters

We read the meters and contact the companies and/or relevant authorities to close the outgoing tenants’ accounts.

Reassessing the rental value

As soon as we receive written confirmation that your tenant wishes to cancel the tenancy, we will reassess your property and tell you if you can increase the rent.

Putting your property
back on the market

Finally, we will find a new tenant before your tenant leaves so that your property is not left unoccupied. We will post your property on all relevant property websites and any other medium that could promote it.

Cleaning and refurbishment

In addition, B-Gestion will organize for your property to be cleaned and will supervise any minor repairs and refurbishment required.


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